"Modest Fly is not just about mastery, it's about mastering the love of art."
"Modest Fly is not just about mastery, it's about mastering the love of art." 

LITTLE ARTISTS a modest fly art student exhibition & grand opening



Little Artists Tickets

Little Artist's Holiday Art Show 2015 December 20th, 2015

Wilderness Mind: Activating Wonder

The Glowing Cloud Art Show

HANDMADE Holiday Show 2014

Little Artists' Show 2014

Highway 2 Art Show - the journey & the destination

Love of Art Show PART II

HANDMADE Holiday Show 2013

River Rock Arts Colony in POSITIVELY LOCAL - 91040 & 91042

Participating Artists: Suzy Beal, Debby Beck, Miriam Dema, Danielle Eubank, Mark Kennedy, Justin Kibbe, Nancy LaCroix-Toyne, David Long, Nicole Malmen, Rebecca Mate, Marsha Perloff, Allan Reyes, Corey Stein, David Toyne, Laura Toyne, Maja Trochimczyk, Evelyn Turner, and Jennifer Zapp.


Modest Fly's Little Artists Show

End of Spring HANDMADE Show

Our Lady of Lourdes FUNDRAISER Art Show

Tierra Del Sol: A Creative Legacy

Angeles Crest Art Guild 2013 Spring Show

The Way We Are Group Show

Love of Art Show February 2013

HANDMADE Holiday Show 2012

California Art League's Small Works Show

Margo's Artworks

Children's Book Art Show

Angeles Crest Art Guild's 2nd Annual Mother's Day Show

We are proud to host the Angeles Crest Art Guild's 2nd Annual Mother's Day Show! The work will consist of various media, including paintings, sculpture, and ceramics. Find out more about the group at www.angelescrestartguild.com

Showing May 11th thru June 9th, 2012


Participating Artists:

Elizabeth B. Tucker

Babs Fine

Susie Choi

Judy Taussig

 Karla Bartholomew

Athena Mantle

Patricia Alexandria

Arlene Brill

Robin M. Cohen

Susan Rios

Eerren Tsaturyan

Anne Tryba

Bobbi Vandervort

Mims (Miriam) Ellis

Natalie Lundeen

The Artists of First Street Gallery

YOUthful Creations: A High School Art Show

YOUthful Creations is a group show of high school artists curated by Sharis Rostamian, a senior at Clark Magnet High School. "Art is very often overlooked in high schools as having importance. In fact, art classes are first to be affected from the budget cuts. But, art is very important in the lives of young adults so this show is a medium for young adults to show their artwork and ultimately portray their passion for the subject that is often overlooked in their environment." 

-Sharis Rostamian

HeARTworks by Collage Artists of America

"What is Modest to You" Holiday Small Works Show

"What is Modest to You?" Holiday Small Works show will be up until January 21st, 2012. Please come by and see the pieces in person!!

Picture Paintings Opening Reception

"A Little Bit of Everything" Group Show Opening Reception

Tierra Del Sol Group Show: Without Restrictions Group Show

Oil Painting Demonstration by Rick Rotante

Nudes Are People Too: Works by Rick Rotante

Angeles Crest Art Guild's Mother's Day Show

She's Got Guts! Works by Joy Villa


Joy Villa is a performing as well as visual artist, actively working and thriving in Los Angeles. She has appeared on shows such as “Heroes” and CSI:NY, as well as feature length B horror film Hobgoblins 2, and is currently in production on her 1st album.


Joy created the successful and infamous theatrical burlesque troupe "Miss Joy’s Malicious Kittens", touring throughout the Hollywood club and Goth scenes in 2009, causing mayhem and eliciting excitement.

Since she wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies until she was 16, she developed her own ideas of fantasy, science fiction and the macabre, drawing influences from Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot”, Anthony Burgess' “A Clockwork Orange”, as well as surrealist Salvador Dali

Different influences from poetry, creative writing, music, being able to grab her trusty microscope and explore nature, crafting Victorian style clothing and accessories for her dolls, elaborate staging of whole worlds including money and job systems for her Star Wars action figures, and choreographing dance routines with her sister to Tracey Chapman influenced


Although many of Joy’s paintings and drawings depict the darker, sometimes morbid side of life, she never considers depression something to be honored. Joy seeks to expose mental illness, addiction, and emotional pain as spiritual problems, with spiritual solutions. Her art seeks to free, and release the ugly, often pushed away emotions that hold no power over us unless kept hidden.


Theater, resplendent with song and dance, fantasy, different worlds swirling with passion, romance, and the human conditions has filled Joy’s life and it will continue to. Spreading the healing spiritual connection of all the arts, and helping others attain and acknowledge their creative gifts are Joy Villa’s primary functions on this planet.


Join the movement of knowledge, Spirit, and the Creator's unfailing love. Support Joy by purchasing her one of a kind artwork.


"Lover's Past" Photography by Elena Zadouri and Makeup by Amy Seyfi

Lover's Past, Photography by Elena Zadouri and makeup by Amy Seyfi, will be showing at Modest Fly Art Gallery on from February 25th, 2011 through March 25th, 2011. Come by the gallery to see the work up close and pick up a $20 off full makeup coupon and $50 off bridal package. 

Paper Idylls by Christina Song

Christina in the Paper!

Desert Jewels by Athena Mantle and Karen Meinhart

Athena Mantle, a Tujunga resident, says that much of her inspiration comes from the local landscape. It’s clear from her work that she has a thing for desert plants. “I have always had a strong affinity for agave and succulents. They are survivors, tough as nails and yet they have a unique beauty. Living in Tujunga provides endless inspiration for my art. With agave being native to the area, they grow naturally in the mountains and you can’t go more than a block without seeing them in a garden. My work is about communicating beauty and giving a feeling of happiness. I hope people who see my work come away with an affinity for the plants that they may not have had before. ” Athena’s "Desert Jewels" exhibit truly communicates and represents both the architectural strength and soft beauty of succulents and cacti.

Every artist has her muse; Athena invited her good friend Karen Meinhart, local Garden Designer, to display her potted succulent arrangements alongside her paintings. Karen specializes in Custom container gardens and arrangements primarily using succulents and cacti, although she works with all types of plants. For the containers she repurposes vintage things, using reclaimed wood, recycled glass and unexpected items. ”For me the joy of creating is in upcycling and finding good use for items that already exist and have a little bit of love and history.”, Karen explained.  Each arrangement is further customized with a stone that bears an inspirational word or message.

Both artists share an enthusiasm for the “Desert Jewels”.  “Succulents and cacti are nature’s gifts that can keep on giving. You can cut pups (new offsets) and trim overgrown pieces and add them to other pots or into planter beds, spreading their beauty. Not to forget, they are drought tolerant and have so many colors and textures that can really work for any garden style. They are really "Jewels of the garden!”,Karen said. “When I was getting ready to do this exhibit I knew I wanted to have Karen’s arrangements to compliment my paintings. Her work has always inspired me.” Athena explained.

Below is a glance at our Desert Jewels opening. To see the art work from the show, look under the artwork tab, contact Eerren, or go to www.athenamantle.com



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