"Modest Fly is not just about mastery, it's about mastering the love of art."
"Modest Fly is not just about mastery, it's about mastering the love of art." 

Featured Artists

The work displayed here has been shown at Modest Fly Art Gallery or is currently being shown. The artwork at Modest Fly Art is also available for rental contracts. If you are interested in any of the work here, please contact Eerren and she will help you in finding the artist and seeing the artwork in person. 

Wilderness Mind: Activating Wonder

A visual conversation initiated by the SCWCA Eco-Art Collective

The Eco-Art Collective is an activist group of the Southern California Women’s Caucus for Art dedicated to sustainable stewardship of the environment. More info at scwca.org and wildernessmind.org.

ECO-ARTISTS:  Carolyn Applegate, Amy Bauer, J. Cheryl Bookout, Marie Cenkner, Danielle Eubank, Ann Isolde, Katherine Kean, J.J. L’Heureux, Nancy Lissaman, Meg Madison, Marion Melchiorre, Sandra Mueller, Annemarie Rawlinson, Seda Saar, Louise Wannier, France White.

The Glowing Cloud Art Show

Pacific Child & Family Associates (PCFA) began offering services to children with Autism and other developmental disabilities, and their families in 1988. PCFA was an early proponent of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and quickly adopted this clinical methodology as the cornerstone of its services to children and families.They provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), using evidence based techniques, to facilitate significant and sustainable improvement for individuals and families dealing with autism spectrum disorders. They offer an interdisciplinary model across locations including: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Pacific Child & Family Associates provides treatment services in homes, schools and our clinics across 32 states. The children and parents are very proud to be displaying their works for the public to see.

Highway 2 Art Show - the journey & the destination

The Highway 2 Art Show includes the works of these artists: Kimberly-Ann Talbert, Michelle Robinson, Debby Beck, Marilee Spencer, Allan Roman Reyes, Corina Roberts, Ronda Thomas, Hooman Salari, Rebecca Mate, Jennifer Zapp, Raquel Danieri, Aaron Dooley, Shelley Matousek, Anthony Campos, Guido Frazzini, David Cline, Diana Kohne, Ruth Dios, Emile Juick, Dana L. Walker, and Hock Hian Wong.

Love of Art Show Part II

The Love of Art Show Part II includes the works of these talented artists:

Bobbie Rich, Elijah Ford, Ed Deveikis, Joshua Pina, Eerren, Evelina Kazaryan, Michael Farber, Karine Almir, Linda Queally, Eric Rosenwald, Rebecca Mate, Jennifer Sirell, and Richard Singleton.

River Rock Arts Colony in POSITIVELY LOCAL - 91040 & 91042

Participating Artists: Suzy Beal, Debby Beck, Miriam Dema, Danielle Eubank,Mark Kennedy, Justin Kibbe, Nancy LaCroix-Toyne, David Long,Nicole Malmen, Rebecca Mate, Marsha Perloff, Allan Reyes, Corey Stein,David Toyne, Laura Toyne, Maja Trochimczyk, Evelyn Turner, and Jennifer Zapp

River Rock Arts Colony is a new, informally-organized group of creative people who live in and/or have studios in Sunland-Tujunga. 

It was conceived of and founded by Debby Beck, who has been craving more culture in Sunland-Tujunga for a long time, and especially 
after she read about and was inspired by the Salmagundi Art Club of New York City, which has existed since 1871.

Angeles Crest Art Guild's 2013 Spring Show

Participating Artists: Elizabeth B. Tucker, Babs Fine, Judy Taussig, Patricia Alexandria, Athena Mantle, Karla Bartholomew, Arlene Brill, Robin M. Cohen, Anne Tryba, Bobbi Vandervort, Mims (Miriam) Ellis, Christine Rose, Kathryn Hansen, Myra Epstein, Linda Queally, Julie Snyder, Emily Goff, Jeanine Colini, Aazam Irilian, Debbie Swanson Patrick, and Susie Choi.

The Way We Are Group Show

Love of Art Show

California Art League's Small Works Show

Margo's Artworks

Children's Book Art Show

Participating Artists:

Gabriella Martinez, Robin Cohen, Jo Ann Koch, Susan Rios, Laura Henneforth, Terry Lim from Red Phoenix Books, Eerren Tsaturyan, Jeanine Colini, Judy Taussig, Andrea Yomtob, Hala Swearingen, Viktoriya Guselnikova, and Debby Beck.

The Angeles Crest Art Guild's 2nd Annual Mother's Day Show

We are proud to host the Angeles Crest Art Guild's 2nd Annual Mother's Day Show! The work will consist of various media, including paintings, sculpture, and ceramics. Find out more about the group at www.angelescrestartguild.com

Showing the work of: Elizabeth B. Tucker, Babs Fine, Susie Choi, Judy Taussig, Karla Bartholomew, Athena Mantle, Patricia Alexandria, Arlene Brill, Robin M. Cohen, Susan Rios, Eerren Tsaturyan, Anne Tryba, Bobbi Vandervort, Mims (Miriam) Ellis, and Natalie Lundeen.

The Artists of First Street Gallery

YOUthful Creations: A High School Art Show

The HeARTworks show by the Collage Artists of America

Holiday Small Works

Modest Fly's Holiday Small Works Show will be displaying the work of the artists who participated in the "What is Modest to You?" juried competition. The judges were Athena Mantle, a fine artist, and Maria Jones, an art instructor and exhibition coordinator at Tierra Del Sol. They have gone through and picked the pieces they thought best fit their criteria and the chosen work will be showing at Modest Fly Art. The show will be up until January 21st, 2012. Here is some of the featured work:

Picture Paintings

Picture Paintings features the work of 12 artists/photographers: Amber Sevilla, Ani Tsatourian, Armineh Hovanesian, Elena Zadouri, Justine Maccario, Mark Kennedy, Mike Owen, Narbeh Iranossian, Riley Kern, Ryan Rayner, Sharon Jeon, Tiago Garcia. 

"A Little Bit of Everything" Group Show

Featured Artists are: Jim Mullen, Eunice San Miguel, Daniaelle Simonsen, Ione Citrin, Jackie Huang, Joan Banks, Marcy Eiben, and Roopa Dudley.

Tierra Del Sol Group Show: Without Restrictions

Modest Fly Art Gallery will be showing the work of 8 artists from Tierra Del Sol: Sarkis Keushkerian, Sarit Halo, Trina Kirkman, Harold Sakamoto, Isabel Diana Vartanian, Gustavo Cruz, Bertha Castro, and Clare Zeitlin. 

Tierra del Sol Foundation began 40 years ago in Sunland, California and has grown into a recognized leader in developing innovative, accredited services enabling adults with developmental disabilities to realize their greatest human potential.  Tierra del Sol helps more than 500 people across Los Angeles County overcome cognitive, physical, emotional or behavioral challenges resulting from developmental disability.  Tierra offers a tremendous variety of educational opportunities for people to discover their own unique talents and abilities to contribute to their community and their family.  Most importantly, we believe our community is stronger when all of its members are valued and appreciated.  Through Tierra, people are supported to go to community college, to give valuable volunteer service, to create art and to build for themselves the lives that they want.

Steve Miller, Executive Director

Nudes Are People Too: Works by Rick Rotante

Words by Rick Rotante:

"When painting any subject, I look for something that will tell me about that subject.  Some trait unique to it.  This will become the undertone and starting point.  I never have a preconceived concept or color scheme at the beginning of the session.  All my canvases are toned in a neutral brown wash, which is prepared beforehand and allowed to dry. This eliminates the white of the canvas and will unify the painting if any unpainted areas remain.  My initial lay-in is a loose drawing, placing the image and balancing the composition using variations of brown working dark to light until I’m happy with the image.

I work thin to thick, dark to light saving the thickest paint for last.  When painting people, I look for a natural pose possibly doing something or being in the moment.  I work toward bold chiaroscuro and heavier paint application s, leaving the paint in small chunks of color that stand out against the flat canvas.  Powerful impasto application not only attracts and holds the viewer; it also expresses the power of the subject. 

I avoid traditional flesh colors like yellow and red , opting for more grays which I find more natural. Many times I feel reds and yellows detract from the strength of the subject. 

I paint how I feel about a subject, not what I see, preferring to find an expression of the subject. I try and mingle Old World techniques and coloring with subtler contemporary color to bridge the generations and pay homage to the masters."

Rick Rotante

ACAG - Angeles Crest Art Guild - Works by 20 Women Artists

Participating Artists:  Elizabeth B. Tucker, Ronit Lidor, Jeanine Colini, Susie Choi, Alisa Barsegyan, Eerren Tsaturyan, Susan Rios, Judy Taussig, Karla Bartholomew, Julie Snyder, Karen Hansen, Elena Zadouri, Jackie Steimke, Linda Queally, Anne Tryba, Athena Mantle, Bobbi Vandervort, Viviana Stone, Jean Cunningham, Arlene Brill, Robin M. Cohen, and Suzanne Herzstam

She's Got Guts! Works by Joy Villa

I'm an artist, actress, musician, and performer. I believe, as an artist, I hold the tools of true communication for all people on the planet. I'm into natural, real, earthy pursuits, as well as the collective Spirit. I've been drawing and painting since I was 5 years old, and all of the arts are a true calling for me.I've started a Burlesque Troupe, acted in numerous movies and tv shows, write songs on my guitar, and continue to show my paintings around Los Angeles, Ca. I am considered a puzzle by some, a Queen by many, and a Visionary by most. I believe in bold colors and aggressive expression.

"Lover's Past" Photography by Elena Zadouri and Makeup by Amy Seyfi

"Lover's Past" features the collaboration of two artists, photographer Elena Zadouri, and makeup artist, Amy Seyfi. These two very different artists have come together and created a unique collection of unforgettable moments in time. With hours of preparation for hair, makeup, costumes, and settings, they have brought back the past in a modern spotlight and the outcome has formed a beautiful mixture of a "Lover's Past."


"To me, time... the past, present, and future is defined by its astonishing, beautiful, memorable, and enduring moments. I believe that photography is what makes those moments last for eternity. There is beauty all around us... We have to choose to see it. My beauty is seen through the lens of my camera." - Elena Zadouri

 "A person is only beautiful when their own beauty is reflecting onto others." - (Tara) Makeup by Amy Seyfi

Christina Song's Paper Idylls

Illustrator, Christina Song, graduated from Art Center College of Design, and creates work primarily consisting of cut paper, mixed media, three-dimensional elements, found paper, drawings, and paintings. She continually finds a lot of inspiration and beauty in nature's beautiful sceneries and enjoys executing work in a way that is raw, visceral, and thoughtful. Song finds it essential and knows the excitement of being lost in the beauty of what she loves to do. One thing that stops the flow of her artwork is when she suddenly becomes more attentive to what the outside world expects to see. She likes to block out that thought, connect to the kid within herself, and be liberated in the one thing she loves doing the most.  

Athena Mantle's Oil Paintings

"Agave and succulents fascinate me. They are a strong species, nearly indestructible with built in defenses and yet strikingly beautiful.  A garden is a place of refuge, a place to relieve stress and improve a sense of wellbeing. I bring you nature in my paintings as an organic form of therapy.  

As an artist I create my own universe and share it with others. My goal is to create a universe that others want to be in.  In today’s world there is no shortage of bad news and unpleasantness.  My work is about creating a safe place that takes the viewer away from the ugliness of life.  I want my paintings to remind people what is beautiful and good in the World." - Athena Mantle

Justine Maccario's Photographs

Larisa Safaryan's Egg Carvings

Ani Gevorgian's Illustrations

Modest Fly Art

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